Opera Forward Festival 16 l Dutch National Opera & Ballet

The day starts with a conversation with composer Kaija Saariaho and dramaturge Klaus Bertisch, followed by organised conversations around themes. Among the moderators of the theme conversations are Micha Hamel, Calliope Tsoupaki, Yannis Kyriakides and Thanasis Deligiannis. The new insights from this conversations will be explored further in a panel discussions with young and renowned composers in various tables. This afternoon focuses on (young) composers , but is open to anyone who wants to keep abreast of the latest musical trends. Programma 14.00-14.10 Muzikale opening 14.10-14.45 Interview Kaija Saariaho door Klaus Bertisch 14.50-15.30 Themagesprekken (jonge) componisten 15.30-15.45 Muzi

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