Festival Dag in de Branding - Yori

Meriç Artaç, composer-in-residence at Festival Dag in de Branding, presents a preliminary study of the character Yori, part of the comprehensive music theater production which will be her final project in the festival. Yori is a fearful and introverted character who is constantly hiding – also in the cheerful melodies and harmonies played by his alter ego, the bass clarinet. Yori is challenged to show himself by voices in the electronics, but then he panics acutely: the music freezes. David Kweksilber will interpret Yori’s monologue intérieur, which will be divided into bass clarinet, string trio and mime player in a later version. Exclusive online program at 20.00 o'clock. In addition to th


"The current crisis has put an end to our scheduled season opener Mefistofele. But we won’t keep quiet. We have invited a new generation of music theatre makers from The Netherlands to fill the empty space. FAUST [working title] departs from the theme of Goethe's Faust, a prominent figure in Western culture. A large-scale performance with chorus, orchestra, soloists and a wealth of music, from classical to lesser-known repertoire. The thirst for knowledge, but also its limits, is one of the themes central to Faust. In these confusing times, in which science simultaneously wants to provide answers and raises doubts, this theme is more topical than ever. Faust's world view is comprehensive, bu

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