Festival Dag in de Branding - Madam KOO

'Madam Koo whispers, whispers, hisses and sings jazzy or virtuoso belcanto in rhythmic chamber opera. In smart direction, chamber opera Madam Koo portrays heavy themes such as distrust and fear in a light-hearted, surprising way. '**** NRC Handelsblad

Madam Koo is an absurd, small-scale opera about the search for confidence in times of distrust and fear. With their performance, the makers refer to the terrorist attacks and fear culture in Europe and Turkey, the birthplace of composer Meriç Artaç. Madam Koo was inspired, among other things, by the book De Beethovenstraat (2015) by investigative journalist Frank van Kolfschooten about German-Jewish refugees, who were deported from Beethovenstraat tram stop to Amsterdam Central and then to Westerbork during the Second World War. The way in which they spoke about this population group is alarmingly similar to the current debate on refugees.

Meriç Artaç addresses concrete problems in her music theater pieces - both on a personal level, such as a suffocating mother-daughter relationship ( Kayra ), and on a social level, such as the problems of asylum seekers ( Zonderland ). For Artaç, music, theater and text are means to involve the public in the issues of our time: consumption and self-destruction ( Lotlozar ), alienation ( Hopper ) or unfulfilled desire ( Café Dorst ).

AKOM Ensemble @ Korzo
8 o'clock
Ekaterina Levental, mezzo-soprano
Mattijs van de Woerd, baritone
Maartje Goes, vocals
Ingrid Askvik, director
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