Festival Dag in de Branding - Mr. Z

A deserted Istanbul is the setting for Mr. Z, a short film by artist-in-residence Meriç Artaç.

We follow Meriç’ new character to several abandoned places in the city of Istanbul. Meriç Artaç filmed the unreal sight of quiet factories, offices and streets in her hometown and composed an electronic piece in which she introduces the character Mr. Zanzun. He will be the main character of the opera that Artaç will present in a year and a half (in September 2021) as the conclusion of her residency at Festival Dag in de Branding, in which all her preliminary studies will be combined into one colorful performance.

Mr. Z (performer): Selimcan Yalçın Director: Gökdeniz Uslu Director of photography: Ersin Gök


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