The Arrival of Mr.Z / Premiere on the 13th of November

A new opera commissioned by Dag in de Branding Festival

Composer Meriç Artaç is inspired in her work by real people she observes on the street. For The Arrival of Mr. Z. she invented five different musical characters based on these kinds of encounters. Those characters in the new opera are the result of an investigation into the musical representation of deep emotions and the inner processes that result from them. In Rudan (baritone), Artaç explores the sound of depression, in Yori (bass clarinet) the sound of fear, in Gece (soprano) the sound of melancholy, in Korke (song and tap dance) the sound of pride and in Zizos (flute) the sound of protection. They come together in a search for their creator: Mr. Z. What happens when five completely different characters meet? And why are they desperate for their creator?

Artaç developed this opera during her two-year trajectory as artist-in-residence at the Festival Dag in de Branding in The Hague. By collaborating with a new generation of stage personalities, she creates theater in which music and movement predominate. She uses this to address issues about faith, philosophy, ideals and power. To what extent do they have a connecting function and to what extent do they pose a threat? The Arrival of Mr. Z is a reflection on the tension between individual freedom and the need to find hold of powers outside yourself. A visual opera about change and hope with a wonderful cast of stage personalities.


Funda Müjde, voice (Funda)

Brigitte van Hagen, soprano (Gece)

Jussi Lehtipuu, baritone (Rudan)

Felicia van den End, flute (Zizos)

David Kweksilber, bass clarinet (Yori)

Julia Pallanch, voice and tap dance (Korke)

Robbrecht van Cauwenberghe, bajan

Meiyi Lee, percussion

Robin Veldman, violin

Anna Jurriaanse, viola

Harry Broom, cello

Meriç Artaç, concept en composition

Sjaron Minailo, libretto and regie

Maarten Warmerdam, lightplan

Lidwien van Kempen, decor

Patricia Hofstede, costumes

The Arrival of Mr. Z is a production of Festival Dag in de Branding and is made possible in part by the Municipality of The Hague, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Société Gavigniès, Fonds Henri Fock | Prince Bernard Cultuurfonds, Fonds21 and BNG Cultuurfonds.

Saturday 13 nov - Festival Dag in de Branding, Den Haag (première) Sunday 14 nov -November Music, Den Bosch Thursday 9 dec - Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

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