Zizos is a new work by Meriç Artaç (Istanbul, 1990), artist-in-residence at Festival Dag in de Branding. She introduces a three-headed character named Zizos, inspired by the mythological figure of Cerberus. In this piece, Meriç creates a new language for the universe of Zizos, where each word or vowel is connected to a specific movement. Thus the score is written not only in music but also as a choreography.

From season 2019-2020, Meriç Artaç is artist-in-residence at Festival Dag in de Branding, the festival for new music in The Hague. The Turkish composer will contribute to eight editions of Dag in de Branding, full of music, music theater, installation art, and performance art. In this video, she explains how she uses sketches to create a composition.


Read more? http://www.dagindebranding.nl/en

During the next two years, composer Meriç Artaç will be artist in residence at Festival Dag in de Branding. Meriç will contribute to eight editions of the festival. Dag in de Branding gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with her work. Meriç Artaç (28) was born in Istanbul, where she began her musical education at the Istanbul University State Conservatory at the age of five. She obtained a master’s degree in composition with Peter-Jan Wagemans in Rotterdam (Codarts) in 2015. Musical theatre is her passion.


More about the festival: http://www.dagindebranding.nl/en

Dag in de Branding 2019

Pera Museum - 2018

Have you ever tried to give a portrait to a body, an area, or a voice and transform them into characters?

In the "Let Me Hear" workshop, which we have carried out parallel to our Look at me! exhibition, the participants were collectively inspired by the works on display, creating a character through imagination. First, composer and playwright Meriç Artaç's instructor opened a space for freedom with free associations. While creating character, they used drama and music techniques to give shape and sound to portraits. In the next step of the workshop, the participants made animations combining the voices they found and the stories of the characters they created with music and drama.

De Rotterdam Composers Prize - 2017

De Rotterdam Composers Prize voor de beste afgestudeerde componist aan Codarts en uitgereikt door het DoelenEnsemble, gaat dit jaar naar Meriç Artaç! Vanavond spreken wij haar tijdens de lezing voorafgaand aan het concert Landschappelijk Schoon. Geprogrammeerd staat ook haar werk 'The Writer' voor quadrophonic speakers. 

Panel Talk Let the Young Lead - Panel Talk 2016

A new initiative for Classical:NEXT 2016, the very first Classical:NEXT Fellowship Programme took place with great success. Two honourable institutions helped to facilitiate the Fellowship programme for young composers and performing artists. PRS for Music Foundation and Codarts both selected three outstanding talents and enabled them to visit Classical:NEXT 2016 in Rotterdam to engage with more than 1,000 classical music professionals.

Each fellow is paired with a seasoned professional and Classical:NEXT veteran (having been part of our community for years of attendance and year-round engagement). The Classical:NEXT insiders introde these emerging professionals to the community (and vice versa), bringing them into personal contact with relevant individuals and companies as well as offering advice. The fellows are also represented online at the year-round contact platform C:N NET


The experience was unlike anything else I had done before. I was able to learn a lot about establishing and maintaining connections with music industry professionals and have exciting discussions with many people with whom I would not have otherwise been in contact…I am certain that the connections resulting from these discussions will directly benefit my professional development.

Laurence Osborn, Composer, UK – Classical:NEXT 2016 Fellow

It was a new experience for me to meet all those people and introduce myself. I believe I learned a lot from it. It was beneficial to go to talks and present my idea in the “Let the Young Lead” panel.

Meriç Artaç, Composer, Turkey/the Netherlands – Classical:NEXT 2016 Fellow

Review - Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2015

Every year, dozens of composers graduate from conservatories in the Netherlands. Together with the conservatories of Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam Gaudeamus Muziekweek has developed a new program to present the best of these graduates. We will perform music by three current or graduating master's students in composition. The students have also been invited to provide installations and videos for display in TivoliVredenburg.


These young and upcoming composers will be interviewed by Floris Kortie and a panel of composition teachers and coordinators. This showcase for composers will result in an exciting journey that takes the audience through every nook and cranny of TivoliVredenburg over the course of an afternoon.

International Bodrum Music Festival

Child Workshops at Bodrum Music Festival

The festival will be hosting children's workshops, administered by Sahne Istanbul. Between Aug. 13 and 15 at 1:30 p.m., the workshops, offering various classical music activities, will host children between the ages of seven and 12 at TED College.

The children will create a character and give their new creation a voice by using the objects and sounds around them, and figuring out how to tell their story, at the "Nesi Var, Sesi Var" ("What does it have? It has a sound") workshop on Aug. 13. The workshop aims to trigger the use of every sense and to ensure that they experience "divergence thinking." At the end of the workshop, children will use Play-Doh to shape their characters.

"İçimdeki Çocuk" (The Child in Me) rhythm and dance workshop will play work composed by Robert Schumann, Claude Debussy and Tchaikovsky and little critics will be responding to these works with their own methods, whether with music, rhythm, stories or dance on Aug. 14. The plastic-art workshop related to this event will take place on Aug. 15. Children will listen to the work of these composers and then express themselves by creating paintings, masks or by telling stories.

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