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The Arrival of Mr. Z

Composer Meriç Artaç is inspired in her work by real people she observes on the street. For The Arrival of Mr. Z., she invented five different musical characters based on these kinds of encounters. A baritone struggling with depression, a flute that offers protection, and a bass clarinet, played by David Kweksilber, who is weighed down by fear. They come together in a search for their creator, Mr. Z. What happens when five completely different characters meet? And why are they desperate for their creator?


Artaç developed this opera during her two-year trajectory as artist-in-residence at the Dag in de Branding Festival in The Hague. By collaborating with a new generation of stage personalities, she creates theater in which music and movement predominate. She uses this to address issues about faith, philosophy of life, ideals, and power. Do they have a connecting function? Or do they pose a threat? The Arrival of Mr. Z. reflects on the field of tension between the individual and the collective.

Joep Stapel attended the world premiere for NRC on 13 November during the Dag in de Branding festival in The Hague. He gave 4 stars: "In addition to the beautiful design, excellent execution (...), this was due to Artaç's music: alternately lyrical, powerful, visual and atmospheric."


Funda Müjde - voice (Funda)

Brigitte van Hagen - soprano (Gece)

Jussi Lehtipuu - baritone (Rudan)

Felicia van den End - flute (Zizos)

David Kweksilber - bass clarinet (Yori)

Julia Pallanch - vocals and tap dance (Korke)

Robbrecht van Cauwenberghe - bajan

Meiyi Lee - percussion

Robin Veldman - violin

Anna Jurrian - viola

Harry Broom - cello


Meriç Artaç -  concept and composition

Sjaron Minailo - concept development and direction

Maarten Warmerdam - lighting plan

Lidwien van Kempen - decor

Patricia Hofstede - costumes

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