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Lost and Found

Writer Elfie Tromp, composer Meriç Artaç, and director Arlon Luijten created live musical scenes

of life at Rotterdam Central Station during the

Lost & Found project for O. festival in May 2022.

For five days, from May 16 to 20, 2022, these

stories were performed in the Rotterdam station

There was a glass box in the station hall where

the collaboration took place.

Conductor: Mikel Fernández 

Vocalists: Hanna van Rooijen, Maris Pajuste, Kristia Michael, Sara Lešnik 

Instrumentalists: Maarten Vergauwen, Tille van Gastel, Adrian Bartolome, Jesus Fabre Lasheras,

Bram van Weverberg

Director: Arlon Luijten

Writer: Elfie Tromp

Composer: Meriç Artaç

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