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is a new opera and exhibition on the occasion of 100 years of women's voting rights. More than a century ago, thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate for the introduction of universal suffrage, which became a fact in 1919. Women were allowed to choose and to be chosen. And we lived happily ever after ... Yet?

In VROUWENSTEMMEN we link the political voice of women to her voice as a musical instrument. The right to vote is more than just a box of red colors; it is the right to be heard. In this opera, the versatility and power of the female voice is sung and sung. Together with a choir of different women from all over Amsterdam, we take stock after 100 years of women's voting rights and cast a glance at the future.

WOMEN'S VOTES is inspired by 100 years of women's voting rights, the Great Demonstration from 1916, the Little Mermaid, Ke $ ha, Alice in Wonderland, Maya Angelou, Søren Kierkegaard, Snow White and her angry stepmother, Beyoncé, SGP women, Viola Davis and Femke Halsema.

In this opera by OPERAFRONT (ao Lisenka Heijboer (director), Meriç Artaç (composition) and Frank Siera (text)) the visitor is confronted with the history, the present and the future of the voice of women. The opera is brought to life by visual artists Carmen Schabracq and Aviya Wyse. An experience in which the public can judge itself: did we live happily ever after, or do we have to take action?


Meriç Artaç - composer 

Frank Siera - tekst  

Lisenka Heijboer - regie 

Niels Nuijten - dramaturgy

Sja’iesta Badloe - muzikale leiding  

Carmen Schabracq - Beeldend kunstenaar, vormgever , kostuumontwerp  

Aviya A. Wyse - Beeldend kunstenaar, vormgever  


Alexandra Flood - Soprano  

Brigitte van Hagen - Soprano  

Nienke Nasserian - Mezzo Soprano

Marieke Reuten - Alto  


AKOM Ensemble

Meriç Artaç - piano

Mara Tieles Cutié - Viola  

Melina Montes Moretti - Cello  

Mayuko Takeda - Bass clarinet

Photo: Melle Meivogel

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