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Maarten van Veen - piano
Lisa Jacobs - violin
Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer - clarinet
m.m.v. Internationaal Danstheater
Neel Verdoorn - choreografie

Works from; Aaron Copeland, Leonard Bernstein, Max Richter, Philip Glass and New work from Meriç Artaç.


The DoelenEnsemble and the International Dance Theater bring Edward Hopper's paintings to life with Max Richter, Meriç Artaç and Philip Glass, and Neel Verdoorn's choreography. A fascinating musical and danceable journey through the work of one of the most groundbreaking artists of the last century.

After the production of 'Silent Songs' in the 2015/16 season, the DoelenEnsemble and the International Dance Theater now make a presentation about the work of realistic painter Edward Hopper. A story about 'time'. Each painting has a story before it stopped and seems to go further after the 'photo moment'. But what then? What was there, what happened after that? Time seems stretched. Hopper's paintings were a resistance to modern alienation.

performance dates and places;


-11 maart 2018 l 15:00 l Amsterdam, DeLaMar Theater

-4 april 2018 l 20:15 l Woerden, Theater Het Klooster

-11 april 2018 l 20:30 l AssenTheater, De Nieuwe Kolk

-13 april 2018 l 20:00 l Roosendaal, Theater De Kring

-18 april 2018 l 20:15 l Hoofddorp, De Meerse
-22 april 2018 l 15:00 l Laren, Singer Theater 
-25 april 2018 l 20:15 l Heerenveen, Posthuis Theater 
-14 may 2018 l 13:30 l Schiedam, Theater aan de Schie 
-17 may 2018 l 20:30 l Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters
-24 may 2018 l 20:15 l Heerhugowaard, Cool Kunst & Cultuur
-26 may 2018 l 20:00 l Sittard, De Domijnen 
-28 may 2018 l 20:15 l Rotterdam, De Doelen 
-30 may 2018 20:15 l Purmerend, Theater de Purmaryn

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